22xxxx: Due to Other Funds

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G/L accounts in this series are used to record the liability incurred as a result of temporary borrowing from another fund. For the G/L account to be debited in the fund making the advance, see 14xxxx, University Receivables.

Do not use these G/L accounts for amounts owed by a department for services received from another department. When services are provided, the department receiving the services should debit an expense G/L account and the department providing the service should record a credit for services rendered (G/L accounts 751000-752500). Refer to 7500xx-7538xx, Expense Credits for further explanation.

Do not use these G/L accounts for transfers and appropriations between funds where there is no intent of repayment (see 8xxxxx, Appropriations and Transfers).


221000 Due to Current Unrestricted Fund (Valid For: Univ)
221003 Due to Current Unrestricted Fund (Valid For: DUHS)
223000 Due to Current Restricted Fund (Valid For: Univ)
224000 Due to Current Unrestricted Funds: Allocated (Valid For: DUHS, Univ)
225000 Due to Loan Funds (Valid For: DUHS)
226000 Due to Endowment Funds (Valid For: DUHS)
227000 Due to Plant Funds (Valid For: DUHS, Univ)
227001 Due to Plant Funds: Current Portion (Valid For: DUHS)
228000 Due to Agency Funds (Valid For: DUHS)
228900 Internal Loan: Payable (Valid For: Univ)
229000 Group Investments Funds (Valid For: DUHS, Univ)
Represents payables for advances received by one fund as temporary borrowing from another fund with the expressed intent that the borrowed funds will be returned.