GAP 102.500, DUHS - ReportXpress

  1. General
  2. ReportXpress Users
  3. Supervisor Permissions
  4. Time and Attendance User Access Policy




ReportXpress is the system used to track time and attendance for the Duke University Health System (DUHS). This procedure details the set up and administration of the ReportXpress system.

In order to access ReportXpress to review, edit, and approve employees’ time reports, a ReportXpress account is needed. To set up a ReportXpress account, follow the Time and Attendance User Access Policy in the Section IV.



ReportXpress users are divided into three groups: supervisors, controllers, and administrators.


Supervisors can view, edit, and/or approve their assigned employees' time reports when granted the appropriate permissions.

Supervisors may be assigned three levels of permissions: view only; view and edit; or view, edit and approve. These assignments allow multiple supervisors to review and edit employee time reports; however, approving capabilities are limited to a single supervisor.


Controllers differ from Supervisors in that they do not have specific employees assigned to them. Rather, a controller has supervisors assigned.

Controllers are able to view the progress of each assigned supervisor throughout the pay period. Controllers also possess additional capabilities including the ability to "lock" a supervisor from making additional changes to reports.


Administrators differ slightly from Controllers. Administrators are able to monitor all supervisors, possess the ability to "lock" a supervisor from making changes, and perform some ReportXpress administrative tasks. This level of access is only granted to Corporate Payroll Service employees’.



Supervisor permission levels allow supervisors to approve, edit, or view reports.

Certain supervisors may be given approval permissions while others are given read-only permissions. Furthermore, a single supervisor may have approval permissions to some employees but editing or read-only permissions to others.

The symbol preceding each employee's name indicates the supervisor's permissions level to that employee.

Approving Supervisors

Approving supervisors have both editing and approving capabilities. Only one approving supervisor may be assigned to a single time report. No symbol is used to indicate approving permissions.

Editing Supervisors

Editing supervisors have editing but not approving capabilities. Multiple editing supervisors may be assigned to a single time report. Editing access is noted by the pencil symbol.

Read-only Supervisors

Read-only supervisors have no approval or editing capabilities. Multiple read-only users may be assigned to a single time report. Read-only access is noted by the eyeglass symbol.




To provide access to authorized personnel while maintaining system security and data integrity.



Access to the Time and Attendance system requires the completion of a Request to Access ReportXpress. New accounts or changes in existing access will not be granted without a completed form signed or submitted by an Authorized Controller.

The form may be completed using Microsoft Word and emailed to the Corporate Payroll Office (payroll at If emailed, the email must be sent from the appropriate Authorized Controller; electronic signature is preferred but not required. The form may also be completed manually and faxed to Corporate Payroll Services at (919) 668-5840. The signature of the appropriate Authorized Controller is required.

All Requests to Access ReportXpress will be kept on file in Corporate Payroll Services for the duration of the user’s access. If requests are received from individuals who are not an Authorized Controller (or Alternate when appropriate); they will be referred to the appropriate Authorized Controller for their area.

For information regarding who the Authorized Controller is for a specific area contact Corporate Payroll Services at (919) 684-2642.

Once the access has been set up the Authorized Controller that submitted the request will be notified, via email, of the completion.



When an employee terminates or transfers who has a ReportXpress account, a Request to Remove Access to ReportXpress is completed and submitted to Corporate Payroll Services. This report must be approved by an Authorized Controller. Corporate Payroll Services will promptly remove the account from the system.

If Corporate Payroll Services learns of an employee who has terminated or transferred and no longer needs their ReportXpress account, the account administrator will remove the account promptly and notify the appropriate Authorized Controller.



The Administrator Account Request Form is completed for those individuals requiring Administrator Access, Corporate Payroll Services staff only. Administrator Access is approved by the Authorized Controller for Corporate Payroll Services.



During the First quarter of each year, a user account review will be performed. Each ReportXpress Controller or Approving Supervisor, where appropriate, will receive a document detailing who has Approver, Editor, and View-Only access to their cost centers. The forms for adding/changing and removing access will accompany the document to allow the Controller or Approving Supervisor to make changes.