GAP 200.210, Work-Study Program

  1. General
  2. Work-Study Funding
  3. Service Type/Service Category (G/L accounts)




The Work-Study Program offers financial assistance to students enrolled at Duke University who need part-time jobs to help defray a portion of their college expenses. As an incentive for University departments to employ students in part-time jobs, the department pays only a portion of the salary cost and the remaining portion is paid by either:

  • the Federal Government through College Work-Study or
  • the Undergraduate Financial Aid Office through the Duke Work-Study (funded totally by the University)

A student's eligibility for work-study funds is determined by the Undergraduate Financial Aid Office. For a student under the Duke Work-Study Program, 50% of the salary is paid by the Undergraduate Financial Aid Office and 50% is paid by the department for whom the student is working. Under the College Work-Study Program, 75% of the salary is paid by the Federal Government and 25% is paid by the department for whom the student is working (note: these percentages are for fiscal year 01/02 and may change for future years).



Students qualifying for part-time jobs under the work-study program must be approved by the Undergraduate Financial Aid Office for that portion of the payments supported by work-study funding. The work-study program portion is funded by one of the following cost objects:

1680104 Undergraduate Employment Subsidy - Engineering (University funded)
1680132 Undergraduate Employment Subsidy - Arts & Sciences (University funded)
34903xx Federally Funded Work-Study (WBS element changes yearly), the correct WBS element will be printed on the verification papers.

The pay to students employed under the work-study program can only be charged to two cost objects, one of the work-study program cost objects identified above and the departmental cost object. No fringe benefits are charged for students on work-study.

For a student in the work-study program, the work-study job is primary; however, the student may have a secondary job. Usually the secondary job is not work-study and is paid 100% from a secondary cost object. If the secondary job is another work-study job, it would be paid from a departmental cost object and a work-study cost object.

Departments should monitor the salaries for work-study students to ensure that their total earnings do not exceed the work-study limits. All funds that exceed the work-study limits will be charged 100% to the departmental cost objects. This charge is done automatically by the Undergraduate Financial Aid Office and will be retroactive to the pay period in which the work-study funds were exceeded.



Use one of the following service type/service category (G/L accounts) to charge the total payroll costs of students employed by Duke University under the work-study program, regardless of whether supported by federal funds or University budgeted funds:

608400 Work-Study - Duke Employed - Undergraduate
608500 Work-Study - Duke Employed - Graduate
608600 Work-Study - Duke Employed - House Counselors
608700 Work-Study - Duke Employed (Exempt) - Graduate
608800 Work-Study - Duke Employed - Professional

The first two digits are the service type; the second two digits are the service category. On the Hire Form or Staff Change Form, select the appropriate service type/service category from the list above and use it with both the departmental cost object and the work-study program cost object.

Before placing a student on a work-study cost object, request from the student his/her work-study verification papers. All students who are eligible for work-study are sent verification papers in the mail.