GAP 200.101, Sole Source Justification for Purchases on Sponsored Funds

  1. General Overview
  2. Procedure


Purchasing on Sponsored Projects requires certain procedures to ensure the University meets requirements imposed by sponsoring agencies. Federal sponsors in particular require evidence of obtaining competitive bids or justification as to the reason for not obtaining such bids due to sole source requirements. This procedure describes sole source requirements for purchases of $10,000 or more with the following exclusions:

  1. All purchases (goods or services) under $10,000
  2. Hotel and other travel related expenses
  3. Purchases from suppliers in the Buy@Duke Marketplace (electronic catalogues)
  4. Conference hosting and other event management services
  5. Scientific advisory council members
  6. Rent.


Competitive Bid Solicitation

Request three (3) quotes for goods or services and attach to Buy@Duke Cart. If lowest cost alternative is not selected, the Sole Source Justification Form should be completed and attached to the Buy@Duke Cart. 

Sole Source Justification

If no other vendor can provide the goods or services and three (3) competitive bids are not obtained, a Sole Source Justification Form should be completed and attached to the Buy@Duke Cart. See the Sole Source Justification Form.

The Sole Source Justification Form provides five explanations from which to select.  If none of the explanations meet the specific reason for justification, “Other” should be selected with an explanation.

  1. There are no competitive vendors in the market that can provide the requested service/product
  2. The unique functionality of the vendor’s equipment meets the specifications
  3. This is the only service provider with specific expertise that meets the specifications
  4. Only the references from this vendor meet Duke requirements
  5. This vendor is currently used for ongoing research, and to maintain continuity and study protocols, we cannot introduce a new variable by using a different product
  6. Other, provide explanation