Procure to Pay Specialist

PPS Procure to Pay Specialist certification is designed for those individuals who are their department's accounts payable representative, the backup accounts payable representative or those who have significant responsibilities within their department involving the procurement and payment for goods and services and who are interested in advancing their professional growth and development. Comprehensive training will teach specific skills and techniques, improve job performance, minimize mistakes, bolster compliance measures, and provide a credential recognized and respected within the Duke community.

Certified employees will exit the program with enhanced skills as outlined in detail in the Outcomes Outlines. Managers throughout Duke are encouraged to use their employee-participants in value-added roles by:

  • Delegating additional work and responsibilities to the participant
  • Supporting employee growth and development from certification
  • Seeking new hires who have completed certification

Program Requirements

To achieve a Procure to Pay Specialist certification, participants should allow 4-6 months to complete all course curriculums. The Procure to Pay Specialist curriculum requires sequencing of courses in two groups with mandatory benchmarks at months three and six. The required courses/skills and groupings are as follows:


  • Introduction to SAP (online)
  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Microsoft Excel

Procure to Pay Specialist Enrollment Course (Program Orientation)

Group A Courses: (Taken within the first three months)

  • Introduction to Duke Accounting and Business Practice
  • Introduction to Duke G/L Accounts
  • So You Need to Make a Payment - Procuring Goods and Services at Duke
    • This class should be taken prior to Purchase Orders at Duke and A/P Check Request
  • Purchase Orders at Duke
  • I Need A Check! - Accounts Payable Check Requests

Group B Courses: (Typically taken between months three and six)

  • Why Didn't it Pay? - Investigating and Resolving Unpaid Invoices
  • Advance A/P Reporting
  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor - Correctly Identifying and Issuing Payments to Independent Contractors
  • Buy@Duke – online training videos or classroom training 
  • SAP Requisition Processing (For DUHS only)
  • Issuing Payment to Foreign Nationals and Foreign Companies
  • Goods Receipt – Buy@Duke (For University and School of Medicine employees) or Goods Receipt – SAP (For DUHS employees)