MyResearch and myRESEARCHhome

MyResearch, which is accessible to all faculty on the Duke@Work portal, provides access to myRESEARCHhomemyRESEARCHhome is also accessbile at  The myRESEARCHhome site requires multifactor authentication and offers consolidated access to many Duke web applications, individual training requirements, key reports on research activity and remaining account balances, and searchable resources and services. 

The site provides widgets with useful information, such as:

  • Your personalized list of required training from LMS, CITI and OESO, with pending due dates
  • Duke web applications, all in one place
  • Searchable resources and services available to the Duke research community
  • Direct and total project balances for sponsored research for which you are PI
  • A list of all eIRB protocols for which you are key personnel, with associated expiration dates
  • Projection Tool reports, both the Aggregate Summary and Effort Forecasts
  • Reports of current effort distribution list that shows all of a faculty member's funding sources with the percentage of effort for each funding source,
  • Personnel report that lists all employees and their percentage of effort on fund codes for which a faculty member is the PI,
  • Disclosure and agreements information (material transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements, etc.) tracked by the Office of Corporate Research Collaborations, as well as patent information from the Office of Licensing Ventures.
  • An area to customize your own links

The dashboard can be customized to include only the information you want to see.

For more information about the portal, visit