iForms is a web-based interface that allows users to view employee master data and process HR and payroll actions. The data resides in Duke’s SAP system and are displayed using iForms.

iForms is accessed using your web browser and NetID. Instructions for using iForms and submitting online forms are included in documentation on the website.

Please see the below for:

Important Points to Remember

  • Several type of paper forms are no longer accepted by the HRIC or Corporate Payroll Services.

  • Since copies of certain documents will no longer be forwarded to the HRIC, departments must maintain copies of these documents in departmental files.

    These documents include:

    •  changes in Social Security numbers
    • changes in names

    • changes in the date of birth

  • Please forward supporting documentation for changes in citizenship status to the Payroll Office.

How to Get iForms Help

  • For general questions, click on the “Ask For Help” link on the iForms webpage and submit your question using the form. Please reference the iForms group in the request.
  • If you cannot see the correct employees or Org Units, contact your department’s User Administrator. He or she will know how to verify that you have the correct access.
  • For questions related to cost distribution forms and valid coding for grant funding, contact the Sponsored Programs office.
  • Online Overview of New Hiring Tools at Duke presentation and Candidate Selection Step-by-Step instructions (pdf) are also available to view.

Tips & Tricks

  • The iForms displayed in iForms by Employee include all iForms - even those just initiated and still awaiting approval.    If you're an approver, you can view an iForm currently awaiting approval without reserving it (as you would if you viewed it through the Universal Worklist).
  • iForms by Employee:
    This iview is on the STAFF tab and provides a list of all iForms created for the employee you're currently viewing.    If you pull a list of employees with the search, you'll find an icon (far right column of the search results list) - clicking on this icon will bring up the iForms, if there are any, for that individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is iForms?
  2. I had a form sent back (either from the approver or payroll) to be corrected. How do I go in to the form to make corrections?
  3. I received an email indicating there was a form that needed approval but when I went to my Universal Work List there was nothing in it. Where was the form?
  4. I tried to enter a code on the cost distribution form and got the following error: Cost center 000303XXXX is not valid for company 0010 for the period 12/01/2005 thru 12/31/9999 . I know the code is valid so why am I getting the error.
  5. I submitted a form and can not see it in my Universal Work List to see the status. Where can I track the status of my form?
  6. How do I print a confirmation?

For more information about using iForms, submit a Service Now request to the Iforms team by using this link.