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Abbreviation found on Biweekly Leave, Gross Pay Computation, and Distribution Reports. Stands for: Emergency Call Back - Worked hours
Effort Certification
Documenting the distribution of effort and salary that faculty and employees expend either directly or indirectly in support of federally funded projects.

The two Effort Reporting systems used at Duke are as follows:
Monitored Workload (Plan Confirmation)
- Used for all monthly paid faculty and staff members. (Sub system is maintained to generate quarterly certifications of effort and distribution.)

Personnel Activity Reporting
- Used for all bi-weekly paid employees. (Employee time card/API system report is the certification of effort and distribution.)
Employee Subgroup
Employment type, this will be DU in most cases. Other choices refer to pay designations for selected job families used primarily in the Duke University Health System. These options differentiate between weekday schedules or weekend option schedules for employees in job families 7, 10, 11, 15, 30, or 32. See Employee Subgroups
Endowment Expendable Code
An endowment expendable code, typically a WBS element found in the code series 39XXXXX (an "expendable fund"), is designated to receive endowment distributions (the "distributions") generated from a specific endowment cost center (code series 6XXXXXX). All distributions within an expendable fund must be used in accordance with the specific intent of the donor(s), set forth in the endowment agreement governing that endowment.
Entry Date
The Entry Date is the date the transaction was actually "permanently entered" into SAP.

Note: It is possible that an invoice was issued with a Document Date of 6/15/98, entered into SAP on 7/15/98 (Entry Date) with a Posting Date of 6/30/98 (to post the Document in the previous fiscal year). Many times, all three of these dates are the same.
Equipment Shared Usage
The federal government requires that educational institutions have a system designed to promote the shared use of equipment. The institution must document that like equipment or substantially similar equipment is not available for shared use before capital equipment may be purchased with Federal money. This procedure must be followed even when the equipment required is specifically approved and funded in the grant or contract.
Excess Property
Items of equipment, new or used, owned by the Federal Government and no longer needed by the holding agency, but not declared surplus.
Expense Cost Center
Cost Centers in the 15xxxxx thru 180xxxx series.