Continuing Education

Continuing Education Requirements

In order for certified Duke employees (RCC, RAA, AGM, RAI certifications) to renew their certification(s), they are required to complete continuing education every fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).  At the end of each fiscal year, each certified employee’s training portfolio is reviewed to ensure the continuing education requirements were met throughout that fiscal year.  Completion of these requirements renews the certification for another fiscal year.  However, neglecting to meet the continuing education requirements invalidates all certifications.

The continuing education requirements to maintain RCC, RAA, AGM and RAI certifications are:

Management of Selected Post Award Issues is updated at the start of each fiscal year to provide up-to-date information and developments in research administration that affect Duke’s grant management community.  Therefore, it is required that certified employees attend this class every year to maintain their certification(s).

During the fiscal year that a certificate program is completed by a Duke employee already holding another certificate, the only continuing education requirement for that person is the mandatory Management of Selected Post Award Issues class.

New Continuing Education Requirements for FY15

The field of research administration is dynamic, and our sponsors as well as Duke are continually pushing out new initiatives and rules changes.  RCC reserves the right to require mandatory continuing education on any of these new rules, regulations, initiatives, etc.

Ways to Earn Continuing Education Credit

  1. RAA core classes, electives, and AGM classes may be counted as continuing education credit.  The RCC Course Catalog indicates whether a course counts for continuing education credit.  In addition, continuing education credit is noted in the course description in the Duke LMS.  All classes include a quiz, which must be completed within the allotted timeframe and passed with a score of 80% or greater to count towards continuing education credit.  Some classes include homework assignments, which also must be completed on time in order for the class to count for CE credit.

  2. Quarterly meetings held by the following central offices.  RCC receives copies of the sign-in sheets for these meetings – you will only receive credit if you sign the roster.

    • Research Costing Compliance (RCC)
    • Office of Research Administration (ORA)
    • Office of Research Support (ORS)
    • Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)
    • Duke Ethics and Compliance Office (DECO)
    • Office of Internal Audit (OIA)
  3. The semi-annual Certified Research Administrator (CRA) Study Group provided by RCC also counts as continuing education credit, if you attend all sessions.

  4. Attendance to external professional organization meetings count as continuing education credit.  To request continuing education credit for attending a professional meeting, please submit a Request for RCC Certification Credit form.

    • North Carolina Society of Research Administrators (NCSRA)
    • Society of Research Administrators (SRA)
    • National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA)
  5. Attending the annual Symposium for Research Administrators at Duke counts as continuing education credit.  To receive credit for participation in the Symposium, attendees must complete evaluations of event and break-out sessions.  Further details of how to earn credit for attending the Symposium are provided at the event.

Number of Credits Provided for Continuing Education Opportunities

The following training opportunities count as 1 continuing education credit:

  • All training and meetings provided by RCC, ORA, ORS, OSP, and DECO
  • AGM classes
  • RAA Classes and Electives
  • Half day at Symposium for Research Administrators

The following training opportunities count as 2 continuing education credits:

  • Office of Internal Audit's all day Continuing Education Series
  • RCC's CRA Study Group
  • External professional organization meetings
  • All day at Symposium for Research Administrators 

How to Request Continuing Education Credit for Other Training

To request continuing education credit for attendance to an external professional meeting, or any other research administration training not listed above, please complete and submit the Request for RCC Certification Credit form to rcc-cert at