Advanced Grant Management (AGM)

About AGM

Advanced Grant Management (AGM) is a certificate program for grant managers and other interested individuals with greater than three years experience in grant management and greater than 50% grant management duties. Employees with less than three years of grant management experience may be accepted into the program based upon recommendation from a supervisor.

AGM certification is a requirement for grant managers in the following Duke Human Resources job classifications: Grants and Contracts Manager (2648); Senior Grants and Contracts Manager (2649); Research Administration Manager (2628); Associate Director, Research Administration (2629). AGM may be a requirement for grant managers in the Grants and Contracts Administrator (2627) position, depending on tier placement.

There is a formal application process that must be completed in order to participate in the AGM program. The program has mandatory pre-requisites, which must be completed prior to enrollment. In addition to pre-requisites, the AGM certificate program requires successful completion of mandatory core material and passing a final proctored exam. Participant must successfully complete all certificate requirements within 18 months of enrollment in order to receive an AGM certificate.

Program Details

Eligibility Requirements

  • Full-time employee of Duke University
  • Has approval of his/her supervisor to participate
  • At least 3 years’ experience in Grant Management, and at least 50% job duties related to grant management.*

*AGM enrollment is also open to Duke employees currently in the above stated job classifications.  Please note: Due to the advanced content of these classes, enrollment for those not meeting the above criteria requires additional information from the supervisor as to why the employee should be allowed to enroll.


Successful completion of the following is required prior to an employee enrolling in AGM:

  • Current RAA Certification
  • Access to the Grant Management tab in Duke@Work
  • SAP Advanced Sponsored Projects Reporting
  • At least 3 years of experience in grant management at Duke or another institution

Application Process

The employee’s supervisor must complete an application form for the AGM program and submit to RCC. The application will be reviewed, and selected applicants will be enrolled into the AGM curriculum.


For detailed descriptions of all AGM courses, please view the description provided in the Duke Learning Management System (LMS). Participants have 18 months from time of enrollment to complete all certification requirements, including the final proctored exam.

  • Management of Complex Projects: Pre-Award
  • Management of Complex Projects: Post-Award
  • Advanced Effort Management
  • Communication Strategies in Research Administration

Assessments and Final Exam

Some classes have required pre-work and/or homework. You must complete all assignments, in addition to passing the assessment, in the designated time frame to receive credit for a class.

Each AGM class has an associated assessment which must be passed with a score of 80% or greater to successfully complete the course. There is only one attempt allowed to pass the assessment.  If a participant is unable to pass the assessment in one attempt, he/she will not receive credit for the class and will need to retake the class and pass the quiz in order to receive credit. In addition to the course assessment, all RCC classes include a required course evaluation.

Failure to complete any required component of a class: pre-work, homework, assessment, or course evaluation will result in not receiving credit for the class. The participant will have to re-enroll in another offering, complete all required components, and pass the assessment in order to receive credit for the class. Only two attempts to complete a required AGM class are allowed.

After all required AGM classes are successfully completed, participants must also pass a proctored final exam. The participant must notify RCC via e-mail e-mail at rcc-cert at duke.eduand request to sit for the final exam. RCC will confirm course requirements have been met and provide the participant with the available final exam dates.  The exam features randomly selected test questions that address material covered in all AGM classes.

An AGM participant will successfully complete the AGM certification program if his/her final grade is 80% or greater. Final grades are weighted 60% of the final exam score and 40% of the average of the individual course assessments taken throughout the course of study.

Program Evaluations

Program participants are given opportunities to provide anonymous feedback on each individual course. The future success of this career development opportunity relies on the constructive feedback from all program participants and supervisors. RCC welcomes and appreciate all feedback and will make every effort to maintain and improve upon the highest standards for the program.