Maximum Effort Funding on Sponsored Projects


This policy covers maximum sponsored effort funding for faculty to support compliance with applicable regulations by ensuring these individuals have adequate time for university activities.


All faculty members should set aside committed effort for university related activities, including preparation of new grants, committee work, administration, and teaching responsibilities. As should be the case for all effort reporting, the actual percentage effort designated must accurately reflect the time spent on those activities.


It is the University's expectation that faculty members will have non-sponsored professional activities and responsibilities as part of their faculty obligations and appointment. As a result, adequate university time must be set aside for their non-sponsored university activities. These may include:
  • Instruction;
  • Administration;
    • Writing grant proposals (including competing renewals)
    • Committee work
    • Department meetings
    • Participation on institutional committees such as search committees, Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care & Use (IACUC).
The following should be included in sponsored research effort regardless of where effort is expended (e.g. office, home) or when (including after hours, on vacation, on weekend):
  • Effort on current Federal Grants or Contracts (e.g., NIH, NSF or DOD)
  • Effort on current Non-federal research projects (e.g., a foundation grant or industry clinical trial)
  • Writing progress reports
  • Lab meetings
  • Attending a scientific conference
Financial Services will conduct a review of individuals with sponsored funding at 90% and greater to be certain that effort is accurately reported.


Exceptions must be documented and requested through the office of the Vice Dean for Research/Basic Science of the School of Medicine or the Vice Provost for Research. Exceptions to this rule could include:
  • Non-tenure track or research faculty, who are not PIs and who are not involved in activities beyond what the grant encompasses.
  • Funding from a core grant or a center grant designed to support administrative or other responsibilities


GAP 200.170, Effort Reporting

Office of Sponsored Programs: (919) 684-5442

University Payroll Office: (919) 684-2642