Charging Computers Costing Less than $5,000 to Federally Sponsored Projects

On behalf of Jim Siedow, Vice Provost for Research; and Gene Oddone, Vice Dean, Clinical Research, I am informing you of an important clarification regarding the purchase of computers costing less than $5,000 on federally funded awards.

Duke University has issued this clarification as a guideline to all Principal Investigators and Research Administration staff to assist in making decisions on the specific utility and application of computers used in federally funded research. Please read the attached carefully. The purchase of computers falls under the Federal OMB A-21 regulations relating to clerical and administrative charges. As such, purchase of computers on federal projects must be approved through the use of the Direct Cost Exception Form.

The School of Medicine (SOM) may direct questions to the Office of Research Administration (ORA) at (919) 684-5175.

Campus may direct questions to the Office of Research Support (ORS) at (919) 684-3030.

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