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Sequestration (Faculty Advisory)

As of March 1, 2013, the Federal government issued a sequestration order, which requires a Federal budget reduction of $85 billion for FY 2013.  Due to these spending cuts, Federal agencies are determining how to reduce spending with as little disruption as possible to the research enterprise.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has stated that their plan will probably be a reduction of the final FY 2013 funding levels of non-competing continuation grants and to award fewer competing awards.  NOT-OD-13-043

The National Science Foundation (NSF) plans to reduce the number of new research grants and cooperative agreements awarded in FY 2013, while all continuing grant increments in FY 2013 will be awarded, as scheduled.  Notice No. 133

SRA International created a Sequestration Resource Center page that provides a continually updated list of references regarding the sequestration.

NIH Public Access Policy - UPDATE (Faculty Advisory)

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently issued a notice that non-competing continuation grant awards with a start date of July 1, 2013 or beyond will be delayed if publications arising from the award are not in compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy.  Therefore, to prevent a delay in funding, for all non-competing continuation applications with a due date of May 1, 2013 and beyond, the PI needs to ensure compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy.

See NIH Notice Number:  NOT-OD-13-042 for more information.

The NIH has released a tool in My NCBI to assist PIs with NIH Public Access Policy compliance.  My Bibliography can generate a PDF report of publications arising from their awards that may be printed and submitted with the paper PHS 2590 progress report (Section 2.2.6, Section E. Publications).  PIs will be required to submit the My Bibliography PDF report with the paper PHS 2590 progress report at the same time that the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) is required for SNAP and Fellowship awards.

See NIH Notice Number: NOT-OD-13-017 , and Instructions for the PDF report for more information.

Duke Resource for NIH Public Access Policy (Faculty Advisory)

The Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives has created a valuable resource for PIs on the NIH Public Access Policy.  This website assists PIs in determining if the policy applies to their publication, and provides guidance on the process of submitting papers to PubMed Central and linking their My NCBI and eRA Commons accounts.  The website provides clear and concise definitions, instructions and decision trees to improve understanding of the process. See the Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives for more information.

Changes to MyResearch (Faculty Advisory)

Effective March 14, several changes to the MyResearch page on Duke@WORK will be available for use.  These changes will consolidate all faculty research reporting tools to the MyResearch tab.  The Grant Manager versions of the MyResearch reports are not impacted by the changes.  However, please be aware of the changes in case your faculty have questions.  Read more.

Duke Graduate School Tuition, Fees & Stipends Schedule Updated

The Graduate School Office of Budgets and Finance have established recommended stipends and fringe benefit rates for AY13-14.  These new rates became effective December 17, 2012 and are available for use in proposals.  Read more.

2013 NIH Submission Dates with ORA Due Dates

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) has released a chart of NIH submission deadlines and their corresponding deadlines to ORA.  The table separates the three NIH submission cycles by the mechanism of support and also includes information, such as the type of submission and application form or type.  Grant Managers are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this resource to assist you in planning your proposal and submission preparation well in advance with your PIs.  Read more.

ORS Miscellaneous WBSE Request Form Updated

The Office of Research Support (ORS) has recently updated the Miscellaneous WBSE Request Form to include two new programmatic attributes (Endow Special Quasi and Endow Other Quasi), as well as some description updates.  Grant Managers are advised to please replace the old version previously saved with this new, updated form.  The updated Miscellaneous WBSE Request Form can be found on the ORS web site.

RACI i2 (Integration Initiative) Update

Buy@Duke, the preferred method for purchasing at Duke, is now live in approximately three-quarters of the units across the University and the School of Medicine. Targeted completion for fully implementing Buy@Duke across the Institution is June 2013. Currently there are over 4000 users on the system, with projected $72M being funneled through the tool for FY 12. Buy@Duke usage provides excellent financial oversight for all business units and provides Duke Procurement necessary data to better negotiate improved pricing and services from vendors. Departments across campus are enjoying savings, transparency and streamlined processes.

An Administrator’s Guide is available on the Buy@Duke website.  Content includes adding or changing Buy@Duke access, establishing non-employee users in Buy@Duke, using the Departmental Administrator tool, changing Buy@Duke organizational settings and establishing Buy@Duke approver substitutes in the UWL.  Twenty-two Buy@Duke reports are now available on the Buy@Duke Reports tab, the Finance tab and the Grants Management tab. For Buy@Duke report reference and training materials, including report summaries, hints, terminology and a step-by-step guide, please visit the website.

Please review the latest updated Buy@Duke features on our website.

Other News

Compliance Corner

Appropriate justification of clerical and administrative charges on Federal projects is an important aspect of financial compliance.  Lack of appropriate justification on a CAS: Direct Cost Exception form may be just cause for the pre-award office to reject/return the form.  For tips on providing a justification on the CAS: Direct Cost Exception form that will be approved by the pre-award offices review the Compliance Corner webpage.

RCC Accepting Lead Trainer Applications for RAA Program

RCC invites individuals with extensive experience in pre- and/or post award grant management to serve as Lead Trainers for the Fall 2013 Research Administration Academy.  Lead Trainers will participate in the development of case studies that feature “real life” situations and problems for RAA participants.  They actively participate in class discussions, providing insights and solutions to departmental grant management.  Each RAA cycle features two Lead Trainers per class.  The time commitment is approximately 8 hours per cycle.  Applications are due no later than 5:00 p.m. on May 1, 2013.    For further details, please visit the RAA website.

Federal Hot Topics

This month’s hot topics include the National Science Foundation’s implementation of the RPPR and a new online resource called The Connector, which is published by the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research.   Read more.

Current Training Opportunities (Updated as of 02/25/13)

Continuing Education Reminder:   Remember:  All Research Costing Compliance classes now require that attendees pass a brief assessment with a score of at least 80% in order to receive continuing education credit. This includes the mandatory Management of Selected Post Award Issues, all FasTrack classes, and all AGM classes (for AGM program participants and continuing education credit).  If you do not pass the assessment with at least an 80% or greater, you must attend another offering of the class and take the assessment again to earn the continuing education credit.    Read more.

For all certified Grant Managers: You must earn five credits throughout the fiscal year (7/1/12 – 6/30/13), of which one must be 2013 Management of Selected Post Award Issues.  Remember to check your credits in the Training Tracker.  All questions/concerns regarding RCC training or continuing education credits should be submitted to rcc-cert at  Please do not submit inquiries to individual RCC staff.  Read more.


FasTrack Classes:

Advanced Grant Management (AGM):

Other Duke Training Opportunities:

  • Office of Research Administration (ORA):
    • *ORA Research Administrators Quarterly Meeting - April 18, 2013
    • *Sponsored Projects System (SPS) - April 2, 2013, May 7, 2013, June 4, 2013, July 9, 2013, August 6, 2013, September 3, 2013, and October 8, 2013
    • *Pre-Award Grants and Contracts (GC101 & GC201) - April 4 & 5, 2013, June 11 & 12, 2013, July 10 & 11, 2013, and October 2 & 3, 2013
    • *eSubmissions - March 20, 2013, May 22, 2013, June 19, 2013, July 24, 2013, September 25, 2013, and November 13, 2013
    • *RPPR/eSNAP - March 20, 2013, May 22, 2013, June 19, 2013, July 24, 2013, September 25, 2013, and November 13, 2013
    • *Other Support - April 23, 2013, June 25, 2013, July 16, 2013 and October 22, 2013
  • School of Medicine Compliance Office (SOMCO):
    • *SOMCO Research Financial Compliance Quarterly Update - May 15, 2013
  • SAP and University Reporting:
    (Although they do not qualify for continuing education credits, these classes will be of interest to entry-level grant managers)
    • Introduction to SAP @ Duke - Online
    • Introduction to SAP Business Warehouse for the University (0010) - March 22, 2013, May 1, 2013, July 10, 2013, September 17, 2013, and December 19, 2013
    • SAP University Reporting: Sponsored Projects - April 17, 2013, May 14 2013, June 12, 2013, July 24, 2013, August 21, 2013, September 11, 2013, October 23, 2013, November 7, 2013, and December 11, 2013
    • Introduction to Duke Accounting and Business Practice - March 21, 2013, April 18, 2013, May 16, 2013, June 20, 2013, July 18, 2013, August 15, 2013, September 19, 2013, October 17, 2013, November 14, 2013, and December 12, 2013
    • Introduction to Duke G/L Accounts - March 28, 2013, April 25, 2013, May 23, 2013, June 27, 2013, July 25, 2013, August 22, 2013, September 25, 2013, October 24, 2013, November 20, 2013, and December 19, 2013
    • Faculty Projection and Reporting Tool - April 25, 2013, June 5, 2013, August 14, 2013, October 30, 2013, and December 5, 2013

Professional Organizations:

    • 2013 Financial Research Administration Conference (FRA) - March 10-12, 2013 in New Orleans, LA
    • 2013 Pre-Award Research Administration Conference (PRA) - March 13-15, 2013 in New Orleans, LA
  • SRA
  • NCSRA - Chapter Meeting March 11-13, 2013 in Greensboro, NC
  • National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP) - 5th Annual Research Development Conference May 13-15, 2013 in Austin, TX

*These classes qualify for continuing education credits for RCC certifications.

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