National Institutes of Health (NIH) Information on Effort and K-Awards

Guidelines for Inclusion of Clinical Practice Compensation in Institutional Base Salary Charged to NIH Grants and Contracts
This Notice provides guidance and policy to address requests for revision of established NIH requirements for the inclusion of Clinical Practice Compensation (CPC) in Institutional Base Salary (IBS) to provide enhanced clarity and flexibility in implementation while maintaining appropriate stewardship and accountability for the utilization of NIH funds.

Determining Full-time Professional Effort for Career Awards
Almost all NIH supported career development awards (Ks) require that recipients devote a specified minimum percentage of their full-time professional effort (in most cases 75%) to the goals of the career award. In addition, policy requires a full-time appointment at the applicant organization, with salary based on a full-time, 12-month staff appointment. This policy is regarding the determination of full-time professional effort to be applied to all K awards.

K Kiosk - Information about NIH Career Development Awards
A collection of articles, policies, and information regarding K-Awards.