Closeout Project

The objective of the Closeout Project is development of policy, business process improvements, and enabling technology to respond to federal enforcement of project closeout deadlines in order to safeguard departmental revenue sources and ensure compliance with federal and other sponsors’ project reporting and closeout regulations.

Based on the release of a 2012 GAO (Government Accountability Office) report focusing on late grant closeouts, DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) instructed its agencies to consistently enforce existing requirements related to timely financial reporting and closeout of sponsored projects. To respond to multiple potentially varying implementation actions across federal agencies, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and minimize the potential loss of revenue recovery, RACI and the Closeout Team are working to ensure that the risk to Duke’s federal revenue is mitigated prior to the targeted NIH (National Institutes of Health) implementation date – October 1, 2014.* At this point, it is unclear as to how and when similar timelines may be implemented by DOD (Department of Defense), NSF (National Science Foundation), and other federal agencies, thus one of the Team’s objectives is to develop strategies with the necessary flexibility to support differing timelines. To do this, the Team will:

  • Identify list of critical processes and systems impacted by the new requirements
  • Identify business practices that will be impacted and determine process, resourcing and training modifications
  • Identify policy and related documentation impacted and determine process and timeline for revision

Project Scope

The scope of the Closeout Project includes the following three project components in support of the NIH Subaccount transition and 90-Day closeout work:

  • Policy/Procedure/Guidance/Business Process Development
  • Technology Tools Development
  • Business Process Review and Improvement in support of Policy and IT Tools


*Please see the NIH website for details conveyed on the rollout plan for transition to subaccounts, and enforcement of 90 day after end date expenditure policy.