Temporary Storage

Temporary Storage

Duke University and Duke University Health System offer temporary storage (non-records) on a month-to-month basis. Please contact Duke Storage directly at 919-220-6683 to schedule a pick-up of items that need to be stored.

For an inventory of items that you currently have in storage, please send a request via email to Mary Crawford and include your IR reference number and cost center from your billing or financial statement.

Confidential Records Storage

It is always preferred that sensitive data be destroyed once it is no longer needed.  Records containing any of the following data or information is considered sensitive in nature, and must be stored appropriately:

  • Social Security numbers
  • Credit Card numbers
  • ePHI (HIPAA –protected data)
  • FERPA-protected data (non-directory information)
  • Prospective student data
  • Donor data
  • Contract data
  • Financial data
  • HR data
  • Physical Plant details
  • Protected or Confidential research data
  • Certain management information

Should the need arise to store sensitive records, please contact one of our approved, secure records storage facilities:

Iron Mountain

Jacqueline Renfroe
Senior Client Development Executive - Healthcare
Iron Mountain
660 Distribution Drive SW
Atlanta, GA. 30336
Office: 404-736-1196
Mobile: 678-749-3243

Access Information Management

Gena Harrill
Account Manager
Access Information Management
3835 South Alston Avenue
Durham, NC  27713
Phone: 919.862.4058
Email: Gharrill@accesscorp.com