Frequently Asked Questions



Acquiring Surplus Property

  1. Where is the Duke Surplus Property Store and what are the hours?
  2. How do I request computers and other electronic equipment for my Duke department or non-profit organization?
  3. If I need an item to be used within my department in my office or lab, can I go to the warehouse to see what is available?
  4. How do non-profit organizations receive donations of Duke surplus?
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Disposing of Surplus Property

  1. Can I add new users if my department already has a surplus profile?
  2. If my item does not have an asset tag or serial number, do I still need to enter it into the Online Surplus Asset Disposition Tool?
  3. Does each item, including computers, have to be entered separately?
  4. Can surplus property be dropped off by my department?
  5. Can I give surplus property to an employee in my department?
  6. Can I buy surplus property from my department?
  7. If my property no longer works and cannot be repaired, may I throw it away?
  8. Can I take surplus property home for personal use?
  9. What if my equipment is no longer functional but I want to use the parts for other equipment?
  10. Can I add items to my disposal request while other items are being picked up?
  11. How do I prepare for the collection of my surplus items?
  12. Are there any exceptions to the rules governing the disposal of surplus equipment?
  13. How do I request a pickup of surplus items?
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Surplus Computer Information

  1. How do I submit a request for surplus computers to be picked up?
  2. If my IT department wiped my computer, can DeHaven's pick it up?
  3. What is the procedure if an item with the ability to store data is missing when Duke staff arrive for collection?
  4. What items do I need to enter individually with a serial number included?
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Sales, Trades, and Transfers of Vehicles and Specialized/Capital Equipment

  1. What do I do with vehicles and specialized/capital equipment?
  2. How do I document that I have turned over surplus property to the Surplus Property Office?
  3. Will my department receive funds or a credit for items sent to the surplus program?
  4. If I have a buyer for my surplus property, can I sell the item and deposit the proceeds in the departmental account?
  5. What if I want to trade in a capital item on a new acquisition?
  6. If a faculty member is leaving Duke but continuing their research at another institution, are they allowed to take any of the items needed to continue their research?
  7. How are funds allocated after the sale of vehicles and specialized/capital equipment?
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Scheduling Pick-ups and Associated Fees

  1. When will my surplus items be picked up, and how far in advance should I submit my disposal request?
  2. Is there a charge for expedited service?
  3. Can I call any mover to pick up my items?
  4. What does it cost to have surplus property collected?
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Equipment Screening Forms

  1. Equipment Screening Forms Over $20,000
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Stolen Duke Property

  1. Stolen Duke Property
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