Corporate Card Suspension & Reinstatement

Suspension of Corporate Card Privileges

Card Program Services initiates quarterly write-offs of outstanding cardholder transactions. Transactions without proper documentation or general ledger coding are written-off to G/L Account 695600 (Losses and damages) using the cardholders respective default account codes.

If a cardholder has three or more transactions written-off in a quarter, cardholder privileges will be suspended for 30 days for the first occurrence, 60 days for a second occurrence and a third occurrence will result in permanent cardholder suspension. 

Reinstatement Process

Requests for reinstatement of Corporate Card privileges should be made by completing the Corporate Card Reinstatement Request form. Approval of the appropriate Vice President, Vice Provost or Dean is required for reinstatement of a cardholder's privileges after the suspension period has expired. An original completed and signed Corporate Card Reinstatement request should be sent to Card Program Services.


Corporate Card Policy for Expense Report Untimely Postings