Reporting Tools & Additional Information

ZRHR0087 Non-compensatory Payments Report

Corporate Payroll Services distributes this report to department payroll representatives each pay day.  The report is broken down by organizational key and provides the payee name, wage type, cost center, ST/SC, and amount of the current month’s payment, and the beginning and end dates of each payment. Departments should reconcile payments using this report and review future payments to ensure each is appropriate. 

ZRHR0223 (Transaction ZH223) Accounting View of Payroll

This SAP report is generated at the department level and provides the option of viewing payroll activity by cost center funding (all recipients paid from a cost center or range of cost centers) or by recipient (all funding sources for recipients belonging to an organizational unit).  The report allows drill-down to view details for recipients paid.  Users must have payroll financial detail SAP role (Z:R3HR0190) in order to run this report.

ZRHR0333 (Transaction ZH333) Payroll Activity Detail – Multi-Period Report

This SAP report can be generated by each department and provides payroll activity by cost center, general ledger account, job key, personnel number, sub-area, and recipient name along with salary and fringe expenses. This report can be run for a single period or multiple periods and allows drill-down to view details. Users must have payroll financial detail SAP role (Z:R3HR0190) in order to run this report.

Non-compensatory Alpha Report for Active Recipients

This SAP report provides a listing of all active non-compensatory recipients for a given organizational key. While departments do not have the appropriate access to run this report, Corporate Payroll Services can run the report and send it to an individual's SAP inbox.  To request this report, email payroll at  Please allow three business days to process the request.

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