Below are few tips to assist in maintaining compliance.


It is critical that departments adhere to published schedules in order to allow adequate processing time. All non-compensatory forms received in Corporate Payroll Services' office later than the posted deadline are considered late and may be subject to correction for processing in the following month.  Please review the schedule for day and time deadlines.

Returning Checks

If a student/payee is unavailable to pick up their final payment, please mail to the individual's home address.

Tax Documents

If the student/payee is unavailable to pick up the year-end tax document, please mail to the individual’s home address.


If a student/payee is not due their payment, return the check along with the proper paperwork immediately to Corporate Payroll Services so the earnings can be adjusted and funds credited to the appropriate accounts. Do not mark "void" on the checks. The proper paperwork required is typically a Non-compensatory Change Form showing that the payment should have ended prior to the payment date.

If a student/payee was paid for a full month but should have received only a portion of the payment, normal procedure is to pay the student and have them write a check for the balance due.  The department payroll representative should contact Corporate Payroll Services to determine the repayment amount.

Required Forms

Submit only the forms that are applicable for non-compensatory payments. I-9’s are not permissible for non-compensatory payments. Confidentiality agreements, personal data sheets, or other personal correspondence should be maintained in the department or forwarded to the appropriate area.  Corporate Payroll Services will destroy rather than return or forward unnecessary documents.