Frequently Asked Questions for Payroll Representatives




  1. Where can I find a Duke Unique number?
  2. Do I have to fill out the Service Type and Service Category for each employee?
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Paychecks & Vouchers

  1. When an employee "maxes out" on vacation, does it show up on the statement?
  2. Can payroll reps pull up check stubs online to answer questions?
  3. Where can I find a list of all the abbreviations on the paychecks?
  4. Do Carry Over Bank hours show on the pay statement?
  5. Who can authorize retroactive pay?
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Using Time & Attendance

  1. What action to I take if the the Badge Reader I routinely use is not working properly?
  2. What steps do I take if I (or my employee) has lost/broken his/her badge?
  3. What should I do if my employee is swiping their badge at a badge reader, but the clockings are not showing on time.?
  4. What action do I take if an employee is swiping at the badge reader, but no clockings are showing on the employee's time card?
  5. How to I get access to the Time and Attendance System?
  6. What is the difference between the types of exception?
  7. Can supervisors reject Time Cards?
  8. There are multiple beeps when I swipe my badge, did my badge in time record?
  9. I swiped my badge through the card reader and nothing happened.
  10. What happens when the badge reader network is down?
  11. Employees started badging in at 7:00 A.M. and their times are not showing online yet.
  12. How do I correct an error I made while using the TimeCall (919-681-1011) telephone system?
  13. Can multiple employees badge in and out on one phone call?
  14. What happens when the TimeCall network is down?
  15. Employee called TimeCall at 7:00 A.M. and their time is not showing online yet.
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Time & Attendance for Managers

  1. What are the pay period closing dates and pay dates?
  2. What does rejecting a Time Card mean?
  3. When I log in the total number of reports does not display in the Employee Listing.
  4. What is the difference between Transmit and Transmit All?
  5. What is the difference between a supervisor lock (red lock) and an individual lock (gray lock)?
  6. Should I (editors/approvers) address calendar/clocking requests on a daily basis?
  7. When can I see if an employee badged in?
  8. Once a report is approved, is there a way to ensure Editors cannot change the report?
  9. I'm going to be out of the office on payroll closing, how can I have another supervisor review my employees?
  10. Approving supervisor is unavailable to approve on Monday for payroll closing.
  11. Incorrect employee data on timecard.
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Secondary Electronic Time Cards

  1. How do you complete time cards for secondary and DTS employees?
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Secondary iForms

  1. How do I print my Secondary iForm?
  2. How do I create/change/delimit a secondary position in iForms?
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Electronic Time Cards

  1. When will employees have access to Duke@Work?
  2. Who should I set up to approve an employee's time?
  3. I am the department payroll representative in a very small department. Can I approve time and manage the process?
  4. A time card has been submitted with an error. How is the error corrected?
  5. An employee only saved his/her time but failed to submit the time. What steps should I take to get the employee paid?
  6. Who has access to the biweekly time reporting reports?
  7. Why am I getting a blank screen when I try to run a report?
  8. Does the department still have to keep copies of time reports?
  9. Once you have a set up an employee in a position to an approver, does the relationship have to be reestablished when a new person is hired into the position?
  10. Do I have to delete an approver if I want to assign a new approver to a position?
  11. I can't set up back-up approvers for an employee. Why not?
  12. Will the system allow students to work more than 19.9 hours per week?
  13. There is a question/issue that I don't know how to address. Who should I contact?
  14. Where can I find Payroll forms?
  15. I am a new employee. How do I receive training on the electronic time reporting tool?
  16. I am a new employee and will be approving time reports in the electronic time reporting system? Is training available?
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Hiring Process

  1. Can more than one employee have the same SAP Position Number?
  2. Can I use a department address for an employee who does not yet have a permanent address?
  3. Can I use a department address for a foreign employee who does not yet have a permanent address?
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Employee Changes & Maintenance

  1. Where can I find an SAP Position Number?
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  1. Can the default cost center be different from the department code?
  2. If an employee's funding source is a grant code, what will be the default cost center?
  3. What are the SAP pay periods?
  4. How are Overtime reports be sorted?
  5. How will I see vacation and sick leave?
  6. Will the Clinical Nurse weekend premium show up on the Gross Pay and Distribution report?
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