Employee Frequently Asked Questions




  1. Where can I find a Duke Unique number?
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2018 Changes to Processing Relocation Allowances

  1. Test Question
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Paychecks & Vouchers

  1. When an employee "maxes out" on vacation, does it show up on the statement?
  2. Can payroll reps pull up check stubs online to answer questions?
  3. Where can I find a list of all the abbreviations on the paychecks?
  4. Do Carry Over Bank hours show on the pay statement?
  5. How was my overtime calculated? It appears that you only paid me for half-time.
  6. If I have questions regarding my payroll check or voucher, who should I call?
  7. Why is my supplemental pay taxed so high?*
  8. Why does it take five days for me to get a new check, if my check has been misplaced?
  9. When is payday?
  10. Who can authorize retroactive pay?
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Using Time & Attendance

  1. What action to I take if the the Badge Reader I routinely use is not working properly?
  2. How to I get access to the Time and Attendance System?
  3. There are multiple beeps when I swipe my badge, did my badge in time record?
  4. I swiped my badge through the card reader and nothing happened.
  5. What happens when the badge reader network is down?
  6. How do I correct an error I made while using the TimeCall (919-681-1011) telephone system?
  7. Can multiple employees badge in and out on one phone call?
  8. What happens when the TimeCall network is down?
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Secondary Electronic Time Cards

  1. How do you complete time cards for secondary and DTS employees?
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Secondary iForms

  1. How do I create/change/delimit a secondary position in iForms?
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Electronic Time Cards

  1. When will employees have access to Duke@Work?
  2. I cannot see my time report to enter time. What do I do?
  3. Can I only access my time report at work?
  4. How often do I record my hours?
  5. When do I submit my time card?
  6. When does my supervisor approve the time card?
  7. What happens if I forget to submit my time card?
  8. What if my supervisor forgets to approve my time card?
  9. What if my supervisor is out on Monday?
  10. What happens if I make a mistake or need to make changes to my time card?
  11. How do I report overtime or leaving work early?
  12. What happens if I transfer in the middle of the pay period?
  13. Can I view old time reports?
  14. Will I be notified when my supervisor approves my time?
  15. When will I be able to enter time for the next pay period?
  16. I know that I can't make changes through Duke@Work while Corporate Payroll Services is running a payroll. Can I enter time on my time report?
  17. I'm going on a leave of absence. Can I enter time in advance?
  18. I am going on vacation and will not have access to a computer. How do I submit my vacation time?
  19. I have a question about the biweekly time reporting system. Who do I contact first?
  20. How do I view my time off balances?
  21. I am a new employee. How do I receive training on the electronic time reporting tool?
  22. I am a new employee and will be approving time reports in the electronic time reporting system? Is training available?
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Employee/Student Tax Information

  1. How many exemptions am I claiming for Federal and NC State withholding?
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Direct Deposit

  1. Where do I sign up for direct deposit for my payroll check?
  2. How do I know when my direct deposit is effective?
  3. I do not have a checking account. Can I have my check directly deposited into my savings account?
  4. Can I direct deposit my payment into multiple accounts?
  5. I am on both the monthly (paid on 25th of month) and non-compensatory (last day of month) payrolls. Can I submit one form and have direct deposit for both payments?
  6. How do I cancel my direct deposit?
  7. I have changed banks or account numbers. How can I get my paycheck deposited in my new account?
  8. I closed my bank account and did not receive a deposit on payday. Where is my payment?
  9. Today is payday and my payment is not in my account. What should I do?
  10. When is payday?
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Year End Tax Document (W-2, 1099, etc.)

  1. When can I expect to receive my year end tax form?
  2. Who do I contact if I need copies of my W-2/1099 tax documents prior to 7 years ago?
  3. Why am I being charged a fee for an additional copy?
  4. Will the replacement year end tax form be mailed immediately?
  5. I am a former employee (terminated employee) who now lives out of town. Can my replacement year end tax form be picked up by a local friend or relative?
  6. Can I get earnings and tax information over the phone if I haven't received my tax form yet?
  7. If my name or social security number is wrong on my W-2 form, will I have to get a corrected form?
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