Student Travel Outside The U.S.

Duke University continues to put your health and safety as our top priority while traveling on behalf of the University. Duke recognizes that in this rapidly changing world, you may have apprehension about travel, security, and health.  It may be challenging for you to contact one of our staff members while traveling should something unexpected occur.  It is for these reasons that the University has contracted for travel assistance and evacuation services from a company called International SOS

Duke University also requires that students be covered by appropriate sickness and accident insurance for the duration of the program and that they be financially responsible for all medical expenses. In most instances, payment for medical expenses abroad will have to be advanced and reimbursement sought later from the insurance carrier. Students are encouraged to review and understand their coverage prior to departure.

Duke University discourages students from operating motor vehicles abroad, but recommends that those students who plan to operate a motor vehicle obtain liability and collision insurance that will cover him/her in the applicable foreign countries. Duke University also recommends that students insure their property from loss or theft.

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