Independent Contractor and Vendor Insurance Requirements

Vendors and contractors working for Duke University must maintain certain minimum amounts of insurance. These requirements vary, depending on the type and hazard of work being performed, as well as other factors specific to some operations.

In addition, Duke University must be named as Additional Insured with respect to General Liability coverage insofar as it pertains to the work done/service provided/product delivered to the university. The vendor/contractors policy must be Primary as to any other valid and collectible insurance, but only as to acts of the named insured.

Coverages and limits are to be considered as minimum requirements and in no way limits the liability of the Contractor. A certificate of insurance with the coverage as cited and listing Duke University or Duke University Health System as the certificate holder, must be submitted to Duke Procurement Services before work begins by the Vendor/Contractor for the University. Coverage's represented on the certificates of insurance must show policy numbers, effective dates and limits. All policies shall evidence insurance written by a carrier licensed in the State of North Carolina and rated at least "A" in A.M. Best's Key Rating Guide. Renewal certificates of insurance shall be provided annually until the work is completed and for three years following the completion of work.

While it is not our standard practice to waive the institutional insurance requirements, Corporate Risk Management may do so when circumstances dictate. To submit a request to waive one or more of these coverage’s, please complete and submit the Insurance Exception form along with the required documentation.

For more information on General Terms and Conditions applicable to all Purchase Requisitions, see Duke University Procurement Services.

A schedule of minimum requirements by general type of vendor/contractor may be viewed here (PDF).