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International SOS Card

The International SOS membership card includes the telephone numbers of the three major worldwide International SOS Alarm Centers. In the event of an emergency while traveling internationally, call one of the emergency phone numbers listed on the card.    (Last Modified: 07/27/17)
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Participation Agreement

The purpose of the Participation Agreement is to educate participants about the potential hazards involved in certain activities.For all student groups organizing or participating in a field trip, or departments sponsoring a special event off-campus, the Duke University Participation Agreement should be completed. Prior to the distribution of the participation agreement, the sponsoring department or campus group should send a copy of the participation agreement, accompanied by a description of the activity, to Corporate Risk Management. Corporate Risk Management will approve the form, and notify the appropriate department. All participating students or department members should sign the form. The signed forms should be maintained by the department or the sponsoring campus group.    (Last Modified: 07/01/13)
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Request For Certificate Of Insurance

Used to request proof of insurance coverage.    (Last Modified: 05/16/08)
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Request For Insurance Coverage For Exhibits

Departments featuring exhibits must complete the Request for Insurance Coverage and submit to Corporate Risk Management, Box 104143 . Corporate Risk Management monitors and provides coverage when needed.    (Last Modified: 09/08/04)
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Sports Camps Audit & Premium Report

The Sports Camps accident and liability insurance policy is effective for 12 months, beginning June 1st. In order to activate coverage for a parMicrosoft Word - 30088 - Duke Sports Campsticular sports camp, an audit premium report must be completed immediately following the conclusion of each camp session. Coverage information is included on the Audit and Premium Report.    (Last Modified: 06/06/17)
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Insurance Requirements for Independent Contractors

Vendors and contractors working for Duke University must maintain certain minimum amounts of insurance. These requirements vary, depending on the type and hazard of work being performed, as well as other factors specific to some operations.    (Last Modified: 09/13/04)
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Insurance Identification Card

Insurance Identification Card for those using Duke Vehicles.    (Last Modified: 01/28/16)
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Insurance Identification Card - Rental Vehicles

Duke insurance identification card for Duke vehicle rentals.    (Last Modified: 01/28/16)
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Outside Services Agreement Insurance Exception Request Form

While it is not standard practice to waive the institutional insurance requirements, Corporate Risk Management may do so when circumstances dictate. To submit a request to waive one or more of these coverage's, please complete and submit the Insurance Exception form along with the required documentation.    (Last Modified: 05/18/10)
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