Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I get documentation for my telephone charges?
  2. Why am I being charged for lines that are no longer in service?
  3. What are my toll charges and where are they being billed?
  4. What are the monthly rates for VOIP lines?
  5. Are my conference service fees included in this billing?
  6. How do I make a request to have lines added, disconnected, or moved?
  7. Who do I contact for incorrect billing?
  8. Who do I contact for new installations or to get a quote for the charges related to installations?
  9. Who do I contact for information or billing of pagers and cell phones?
  10. Is there any way to get the exact location or name assigned to a phone line I am being charged for?
  11. Who do I contact to get detailed information on the lines I am currently being billed for?
  12. Why do the number of lines I am being charged for vary from one month to the next?
  13. How do I change the funding source for my VOIP line?
  14. Is there a charge for physically moving a VOIP telephone?