Current Capital Projects

Football Indoor Practice Facility

Multi-Purpose Field House The new Multi Purpose Field House (formerly Indoor Practice Facility) is sited just west and parallel to the current offensive practice field. It includes a 100 yard football field with end zones, to be used for football practices and will accommodate all other field sports such as soccer, lacrosse, golf, some track and field, band practice, softball, and baseball. The facility will be used by intramural and recreational activities on campus. The MPFH will include netting systems for field division, observation platforms for filming, and sufficient lighting for all programmed uses.

Keohane Quad K4 New Residence

A new residence hall known as K-4 was recommended and approved at the October 2009 board for feasibility study. The firm of William Rawn Associates Architects, Inc. was commissioned in October 2009 to conduct the feasibility study and subsequently approved as the architect. The site is on the southeast side of Keohane Quadrangle, the new 5-story (four floors plus attic loft rooms) residence hall will provide 148 beds and include exterior spaces for student communities from both Keohane and Edens Quadrangles to gather and socialize. The new 70,000 GSF residence halls exterior materials and architectural style will be compatible with the existing Keohane Quadrangle.