Electronic Journal Voucher Upload to SAP (ZF104)

The Excel JV Upload transaction is used by areas that have larger journal entries to be created from other databases or complex spreadsheets. This transaction allows those areas to create an Excel file or extract that contains the journal entry data in a specific and defined format. This Excel file can then be uploaded or imported directly into SAP to create the journal entry without manually entering all of the line items. Therefore, the upload can significantly reduce data entry and the amount of errors from duplicate entry. In general, this tool should not be used when it is more practical to key entries directly into SAP.

This Excel JV Upload transaction is especially useful for complex spreadsheets with large amounts of data to be booked to the SAP General Ledger, such as allocations, calculations, or distributions.

This tool in no way changes the requirements for a Journal Voucher as outlined in GAP 200.020, Journal Vouchers and GAP 200.150, Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects. The journal entry document created must still be edited, completed, and routed to the appropriate approval levels per the content of the document. Once fully approved, the document will be posted.

To view the procedures for upload, please refer to the step by step instructions (pdf) in the Journal Entry Advanced Guide.

Fix for ZF104 Error

Error Screen:



  1. Enter transaction FB00.
  2. Go to Settings > Editing options
  3. Unclick the option "No partner business area in head screen".
  4. Click the Save button.