Journal Voucher Workflow

Journal Vouchers are entered into SAP at the departmental level. Duke launched the Journal Voucher Workflow ("JV Workflow") Initiative in response to concerns raised by KPMG and the Audit Committee of the University's Board of Trustees. The workflow process systematically routes journal entries which meet established criteria to the appropriate reviewer(s) for approval before posting the entry to the general ledger. These approval parameters have been established by each management center. It is important to note that users within the departments can be JV initiators, approvers, or both.



Journal Voucher Guidance

This section supplements existing guidance within Duke’s General Accounting Procedures with respect to Journal Vouchers. This guidance applies to all Journal Vouchers regardless of dollar amount, general ledger account, or originating management center.

Step-by-step training materials outlining the changes to the Journal Entry process as a result of the workflow implementation are also available.


Approval Parameters

As part of JV Workflow, certain journal entries (JVs) require varying levels of approval based on parameters that were developed by the Management Centers across Duke.

Select the appropriate management center to view Journal Entry (JV) approval parameters:


Accrual/Reversal Process for Journal Vouchers (JVs)

All users of SAP who generate a journal voucher requiring subsequent period reversal should:

  • Use transaction 'F-65' (parked document path) to complete any journal voucher that will require subsequent reversal.
  • Use 'ZB' in the document type on the document header screen. This will flag the journal voucher for reversal in the subsequent period.

All reversals will be executed centrally by Accounting Systems Administration. Documents entered as 'ZB' will have a document type of 'ZB' on the reversal documents. Note individual users no longer reverse their own accruals, nor will they have access to the accrual path in SAP (F.81).

Accounting Systems Administration will reverse all such journal vouchers on the Monday following final general ledger close out week.

If you have questions regarding, please contact Accounting Systems Administration at 919-684-2752.


Deletion of Parked and Not-Yet-Posted JVWF Documents

Accounting Systems Administration (ASA) will delete all documents on the parked document list or in JV workflow that have not posted within 60 days of the date the document was initiated (defined as the "entered on date"). ASA monitors both the parked document list as well as the JV workflow list of documents in process at least weekly. Please review the Deletion of Parked and Not-Yet-Posted JVWF Documents Policy.


For questions regarding the Journal Entry (JV) Workflow process or approval parameters, contact Accounting Systems Administration at (919) 684-2752.