Non-Salary Cost Transfer Tool (ZF418)

The SAP Non-Salary Cost Transfer Tool helps you create and process the non-salary cost transfers (journal entries) for a federally sponsored project in a more efficient and accurate manner. This tool replaces the processing of non-salary cost transfers via the journal entry transaction (the Park Document transaction in SAP), facilitates the creation of the transfer, and makes entering the required documentation much easier.

The steps outlined in this PDF guide cover how to access and use the new Non-Salary Cost Transfer (Transaction Code ZF418) tool to locate the original document that contains the initially recorded expense to be transferred and create a new document to complete that process.

The benefits of this process are as follows:

  • The original document with line items that need to be transferred can be located by using the tool to run a report by cost object(s) or for an individual document.
  • From the report, the user can easily create a cost transfer journal entry document and complete all the necessary documentation requirements in one area.
  • Custom fields have been created to quickly complete the documentation that is required for cost transfers.
  • The transaction also allows a user to save their in process work until they are ready to create a document.
  • Once the cost transfer document is complete, the document will be routed for approval in the JV Workflow process as well.