10xxxx: Pooled Cash

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To facilitate the management of cash and certain temporary securitiesof the University, a consolidated pool is used for the deposits and disbursements of all cash received from the various activities of the University. This pooling of the liquid assets in the Pooled Cash and Securities fund maximizes the control and utilizationof the liquid assets held by the University. Each individual participating fund has an equity in the consolidated pool based on their residualpro rata contribution (i.e., the net of each fund's deposits and disbursements of cash).

No entry should be recorded using the G/L account 100000, Equityin Pooled Cash and Securities, except in an unusual situation which has the prior approval of the Senior Director, Controller's Division. Normally, all entries to this G/L account are system generated on a daily basis.


100010 Intercompany Duke University (Valid For: Closed)
100011 Intercompany Durham Realty, Inc. (Valid For: Closed)
100012 Intercompany Washington Duke Inn, LLC (Valid For: Closed)
100013 Intercompany DAMCO (Valid For: Closed)
100020 Intercompany DUHS (Valid For: Closed)
100021 Intercompany DCIS (Valid For: Closed)
100022 Intercompany Hospice (Valid For: Closed)
100023 Intercompany DUHS Equity Investments (Valid For: Closed)
100024 Intercompany PRMO (Valid For: Closed)
100025 Intercompany Duke Home Health (Valid For: Closed)
100026 Intercompany DUHS Clinical Labs (Valid For: Closed)
100027 Intercompany Durham Casualty Corporation (Valid For: Closed)
100030 Intercompany Duke Hospital (Valid For: Closed)
100040 Intercompany DUAP (Valid For: Closed)
100041 Intercompany DNHO (Valid For: Closed)
100050 Intercompany Duke Regional Hospital (Valid For: Closed)
100051 Intercompany Associated Health Systems (Valid For: Closed)
100060 Intercompany Duke Raleigh Hospital (Valid For: Closed)
100070 Intercompany ACCI (Valid For: Closed)
100071 Intercompany Duke Medical Strategies, Inc. (Valid For: Closed)
100080 Intercompany MSO (Valid For: Closed)
100091 Intercompany DCIS (Valid For: Closed)
100099 Payroll Clearing Intercompany (Valid For: DUHS, Univ)
100100 Intercompany Vendor Settlement Account (Valid For: Central Use Only)