End of Year Deadlines

With the approach of fiscal year end, please take a look at the attached schedule of deadlines for receipt and processing of gifts and pledges for FY17.  FY17 gift and pledge transactions delivered by these deadlines will be posted in DADD by the end-of-business on July 7th. DADD will be closed for FY17 processing the evening of July 7th.  We will begin processing for FY18 on Tuesday, July 11th (please note we will not be entering activity in DADD on Monday, July 10th to allow for end-of-campaign reporting).

To help speed the processing and receipting of year-end gifts, please ask donors to mail gifts directly to:  Alumni & Development Records, Box 90581, Durham, NC 27708-0581.

Also remind donors they may make gifts on-line at www.gifts.duke.edu.

Note that in accordance with the University’s holiday schedule, ADR will be closed on July 4th.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this schedule.

Item To ADR Comments
Cash 4pm, Jul 5  
Checks 4pm, Jul 5 Must be postmarked on/before June 30th
Wires 4pm, Jul 5 Wires must be received at bank by EOB on June 30th
Credit Card – electronic via Web Tool Must be processed by 11:59 PM on June 30th
Credit Card – manual 12pm, Jun 30 ADR must manually key these gifts by EOB June 30th
e-check via Web Tool Must be processed by 11:59 PM on June 30th
Stock – physical delivery of certificates 12pm, Jun 30 Hand delivery or private carrier delivery, must arrive in ADR by June 30th. US Mail-should be postmarked on/by June 30th
Stock – electronic delivery 5pm, Jun 30 Must be in Duke’s brokerage account by EOB on June 30th donor must notify ADR at stockgifts at duke.edu regarding securities delivery
Pledges – electronic via Web Tool Must be processed by 11:59 on June 30th
Pledges - manual 4pm, Jul 5 Must be dated or postmarked on/by June 30th