End of Year Deadlines

With the approach of calendar year end, please take a look at the attached schedule of deadlines for receipt and processing of 2017 gifts and pledges. 2017 gift and pledge transactions delivered by these deadlines will be posted in DADD by the end-of-business on Friday, January 5. DADD will be closed for calendar year end processing the evening of January 5 and we will begin processing for calendar year 2018 on January 8.

The University will be closed on Friday, December 29 and Monday, January 1 for the New Year’s Holiday. Duke Campus Mail Services will be closed on these dates - final mail delivery to departments in 2017 will be on Thursday, December 28. Please keep this mail schedule in mind when communicating with donors about mailing time sensitive items such as credit card information sent for manual processing. Ideally, donors should be encouraged to make their last-minute gifts by credit card on-line at www.gifts.duke.edu. This sort of encouragement could make the difference between whether the IRS will allow issuance of a gift receipt dated 2017 or 2018 (see additional guidance in email sent on October 3).

Many offices operate with limited staffing or on reduced schedules during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday period. Please ensure your incoming mail is promptly reviewed so that gifts can be pulled and hand-delivered to ADR for processing by the deadlines noted below. This will avoid delays in receipting gifts for donors as well as donor inquiries regarding status of gift processing.

To help speed the processing and receipting of year-end gifts, please ask donors to mail gifts directly to:  Alumni & Development Records, Box 90581, Durham, NC 27708-0581. Also remind donors they may make gifts on-line at www.gifts.duke.edu.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this schedule. Fall pledge reminders will be generated and mailed the week of November 5.

Item To ADR Comments
Cash 2pm, Jan 3  
Checks 2pm, Jan 3 Must be postmarked on/before December 31
Wires Wires must be received at bank by 5pm December 29
Credit Card – electronic or e-check via Web Gift Pages Must be processed by 11:59pm on December 31
Credit Card – manual 2pm, Dec 28 ADR must manually key these gifts by end-of-business December 28. These should be delivered to ADR by 2pm on December 28. Donors can call these transactions in to ADR through 2pm December 28. We are closed on December 29 but will cover phones from 8am-Noon for donor calls.
Stock – physical delivery of certificates   Hand delivery or private carrier by 5pm, on December 28.
US Mail by 4pm, January 3 (must be postmarked December)
Stock – electronic delivery Must be in Duke’s brokerage account by 5pm on December 29. Donor must notify ADR of stock delivery at stockgifts at duke.edu or 919-684-4569
Pledges - manual 2pm, Jan 3 Must be dated or postmarked on/by December 31