GAP 101.53, Time Reports - Secondary

  1. General
  2. Procedures
  3. Secondary Work-Study Students




The secondary time report is used to pay employees for time worked in a secondary position. A secondary position is another job in addition to the employee's primary job. In order to have a secondary position, an employee must already have a primary position on the Biweekly Payroll. The secondary position can be in the same department as the employee's primary position or in another department. The rate of pay for the positions can vary.



To set up an employee with a secondary position, obtain the employee's information to complete the Secondary Positions Form from the primary department. The secondary department completes the Secondary Positions Form to establish the secondary position.

All hours worked in a secondary position must be recorded on the secondary time report. Corporate Payroll Services will generate the time reports except for the first time report for the secondary position.

Each secondary time report can only be charged to one accounting code (except for work-study, see Section III). To charge more than one accounting code, departments must establish multiple secondary positions and submit multiple time reports.

Only regular straight time pay and overtime premium pay are available to an employee in a secondary job. No benefits (vacation, sick leave, etc) are earned on hours worked in a secondary job, except for Duke Temporary Services employees.

The payroll system determines overtime hours based on total hours worked (daily or weekly) by the employee in all positions. If overtime is created on a day with secondary hours, it is charged to the secondary position. If overtime is created by an additional day worked in the pay period, the overtime is charged to the position worked on that additional day as determined by the overtime option. If the employee has more than one secondary job, overtime pay is allocated on a pro rata basis.

The total pay for an employee with both a primary and secondary job is received by the primary department in one check for the pay period. Gross pay for an employee's secondary job is recorded on the Gross Pay Distribution report received by the payroll clerk for the primary department.

When there is a change in either the rate of pay or the cost object for a secondary job, the secondary department's payroll clerk must submit a Secondary Positions Form and indicate the changes on the secondary time card.

When terminating a secondary position, DO NOT complete a Termination Form. Complete the Secondary Positions Form and indicate the End Date for the affected secondary position.



Students who are paid under the Work-Study Programs (GAP 200.210, Work-Study Program) always have two cost objects for their work study job:

  • The work-study cost object (government-funded 349xxxx WBS element or University-funded 168xxxx cost center)
  • The departmental cost object

If the student has a secondary work-study position, both codes should be listed on the secondary time report.