GAP 101.524, Time Reports - Biweekly Gross Adjustment Form

  1. General
  2. Processing Deadlines




The Biweekly Gross Adjustment form is used in the following situations:

  • To override previously submitted biweekly time reports.
  • To issue paid parental leave to eligible biweekly employees.
  • To pay Paid Time Off (PTO) or vacation due to an employee who changes status from eligible to ineligible

Visit the Corporate Payroll website for the Biweekly Gross Adjustment Form and detailed guidelines along with online video tutorials on completing the form.

Gross Adjustment forms should not be used on a routine basis for prior period corrections.  If a department notices that this becomes a recurring theme, they should conduct a business process assessment.  This is critical to ensure employees are paid accurately and timely.

Please note – All incomplete or incorrect Biweekly Gross Adjustment forms will require correction by the department prior to being processed.  Corporate Payroll Services will notify the following in the event forms require correction:

  • The preparer.
  • The Department Payroll Representative for the employee if it is different from the preparer.
  • The approver.



For Duke University, the School of Medicine and DUHS, Biweekly Gross Adjustment Forms should be submitted directly to Corporate Payroll Services.  Duke Regional Hospital and Duke Raleigh Hospital should submit forms to their respective HR Departments. The HR management team at each of these areas will review, approve and submit the final forms to Corporate Payroll Services.

For submission deadlines for current pay period and prior pay period Biweekly Gross Adjustment Forms, review the Biweekly Payroll Schedule.