GAP 101.522, Time Reports - Biweekly Supplement Report

  1. General
  2. Processing A Supplement Report
  3. Description of Types of Payments




The Biweekly Supplement Card ("green card") is used to record pay due an employee for one or more of the following items, which have been authorized, by Rewards and Recognition:

Included in Overtime   Excluded from Overtime
Standby Pay   CNJT Program
Working Out of Position   Procedure Pay
Clinical Nurse WEP   Miscellaneous



Payroll clerks should complete the Biweekly Supplement Report for employees when necessary. The following fields are required and should be typed on the Supplement Report:

  • Duke Unique I.D.
  • Social Security number
  • Employee's name (last name, first name)
  • Org. Key
  • Personnel Subarea
  • Period
  • Cost Object/Service Type/Service Category to which the supplemental payment should be charged, if other than the primary cost distribution (Service Type and Service Category only required for Company 0010 University)
  • Amount
  • Date Work Performed
  • Reason for Payment (required)

Enter the amount to be paid for each week in the appropriate blocks and total the amount for each week. Under "Reason", enter the reason for the payment and the date(s) for which the payment is applicable. Obtain an authorized signature. The authorized signer certifies that the employee is entitled to the compensation recorded, that the signer has first hand knowledge of all work performed, and that the employee's primary cost distributions are appropriate for charging the cost of the compensation unless a more appropriate cost distribution is indicated. Send the completed Biweekly Supplement Card to Corporate Payroll Services along with the regular time reports for the pay period.

More than one type of supplemental payment may be paid on one green supplement card. The "total" for each week should be the total amounts reported for all payments listed.



Included in overtime:

Standby pay:
Represents any pay to employees who are required to be on call or available for possible return to work during a period of scheduled time off. The list of authorized departments whose employees are eligible for standby pay is available from Rewards and Recognition or from Corporate Payroll Services.

Working Out of Position:
Represents extra pay for temporarily working in a higher-level position, contact Rewards and Recognition for questions regarding the rate of pay for working out of position

Clinical Nurse WEP (for those nurses in job family working on the weekends)

Represents other amounts approved by Rewards and Recognition.

Excluded from overtime:

CNJT Program (Nursing program in Duke University Health System only)

Procedure Pay

Represents other amounts not approved by Rewards and Recognition.