GAP 101.2, Employee Hire and Status Changes

  1. General
  2. iForms
  3. Paper Forms
  4. Pay Exception
  5. Leaves of Absence


This procedure will assist in the selection of the proper form to use in order to make changes to an employee’s personal information in the SAP-Duke's HR/Payroll system. This procedure covers the various types of forms, (both paper and iForms), when to use each form, and where to submit the completed form (paper forms only). For paper forms, instructions are available for download on the web. Approved iForms users can visit the Duke@Work site for instructions.


iForms is a web-based interface that allows users to view employee master data and process HR and Payroll transactions. Authorized users are able to initiate the vast majority of HR/Payroll transactions which are electronically routed through the appropriate approval chain and automatically update the SAP HR/Payroll system. Departments have the ability to track the status of a transaction and review an Employee Data Sheet in iForms to confirm the accuracy of changes.

Transactions currently processed via iForms include the following:

  • Hire iForm
    Used to hire all Duke University/Duke University Health System employees into primary positions.
  • Termination iForms
    Used to terminate all Duke University/Duke University Health System employees from primary positions.
  • Cost Distribution iForm
    Used to modify a particular employee’s funding source. This form can be used if the change includes current, future, and retroactive cost center changes.
  • Personal Data Change iForm
    Used to modify a variety of personal information about an employee. Examples of the information that can be changed include home address, name, social security number, continuous service date, marital status, and organizational key.
    • Note: A new social security card, issued by the Social Security Administration, with the revised name is required for all name changes. No other documentation will be accepted. In addition to completing the iForm, departments should send a copy of the social security card reflecting the revised name to Corporate Payroll Services, using the secure 705 Broad Street drop boxes.
    • Other changes may also require back up documentation. Contact Duke Human Resources for more information.
  • Rate and Schedule Change iForm
    Used to modify an employee’s work schedule, overtime option, employee subgroup, pay rate, and to reclassify the employee’s position.
  • Transfer iForm
    Used to transfer employees from one position to another. The form is initiated by the department to which the employee is transferring. Special processing is required for those employees whose transfer requires a change in payroll areas (exempt to nonexempt or nonexempt to exempt). 
  • Manual Cost Salary Transfer iForm
    Used to generate retroactive salary transfers that cannot be handled by the Cost Distribution iForm. Please view in the Research Compliance & Reporting website below for more information.

For more information and assistance about iForms, please visit the iForms website.


Faculty/Staff Pay Exception Form
Used when an override for the current month’s pay is necessary for an exempt (monthly) employee due to a reduction or increase in the number of days to be paid.

Payroll Leave of Absence Form
Used to establish or make changes to the leave period for eligible exempt (faculty/staff) or nonexempt (biweekly) employees. This form is also used to place eligible faculty on sabbatical or research leaves.


Form used to override the current month’s pay for an exempt (monthly) employee. The form is used to change the number of days for which the employee is paid in a month. It is not used to change an employee’s rate of pay. For Duke University and Duke University Health System, it is also used as the official documentation of paid parental leave for exempt (monthly) employees. For Duke University, it is used to as documentation for updating paid parental leave balances in the Exempt Time Off Reporting tool. Once the balances are update, employees can record paid parental leave on their time off reports.

When completing the pay exception:

For more information on completing Pay Exceptions, visit Tips for Completing the Pay Exception.


When an employee requests a leave of absence, the department is responsible for the following:

  • Confirming that the employee is eligible to take leave from Duke University/Duke University Health System.
  • Ensure the all necessary paperwork is completed to request, approve/deny, and track the leave of absence.
  • Maintain a confidential file (separate from the employee’s personnel file) that contains all information and documentation related to the leave.
  • Complete the Payroll Leave of Absence form that establishes the employee’s leave period in SAP.
  • Update information as necessary for the duration of the leave of absence.

Contact Staff and Labor Relations for more information about the Duke University/Duke University Health System Leave of Absence Policy

Payroll Leave of Absence Form:

Complete this form to establish or make changes to the leave period for eligible exempt (monthly) or nonexempt (biweekly) employees. This form should be submitted to Corporate Payroll Services based upon dates outlined in the biweekly or monthly payroll calendars. Please do not submit or attach any additional paperwork to the Payroll Leave of Absence Form.

For additional information about the Payroll Leave of Absence form, go to Tips for Completing the Payroll Leave of Absence Form or review the most recent Leave of Absence training material.