GAP 200.260, Buildings' Identification Numbers

  1. General
  2. The Identification Numbers




Specific numbers have been assigned to buildings and other structures which Duke University owns and to buildings not owned by Duke University but which house equipment owned by Duke University. These building ID numbers are to be used for:

  • Identification of buildings and other structures
  • Location of space
  • Location of utilities and building appearances
  • Location of furniture, furnishings, office machines and other equipment.



The identification numbers are assigned in the following groups:

70xx Central Campus
71xx Central Campus
72xx East Campus
74xx Duke Health Raleigh Hospital and Duke HomeCare & Hospice
75xx Medical Campus / Hospital
76xx Medical Campus / Hospital
77xx West Campus
78xx Parking / Misc. Buildings
79xx Marine Lab / Off Campus - owned
8xxx Leased Buildings and Other Misc Locations