GAP 200.200, Unemployment Compensation Insurance Program

  1. General
  2. Policy
  3. Responsibilities




Faculty and staff that have separated from service through no fault of their own may be eligible for State unemployment benefits.  The  cost of these benefits is paid by the University.  Duke University is “self insured” for this program and must reimburse the State for all benefits paid to eligible former employees. 

The University has established the following policy for meeting the requirements of this law and minimizing unemployment and the related cost.



Duke University will strive to reduce the need for and the resultant cost of unemployment benefits by minimizing turnover, layoffs and unemployment through:

  • Effective manpower planning, selection, placement and development
  • Effective supervisory leadership
  • Pleasant working conditions
  • Competitive compensation programs

The University will comply with all requirements of the law, cooperate fully with the Employment Security Commission personnel, and assist employees in obtaining legitimate benefits, but will challenge all unwarranted claims. Management, at all levels, is responsible for supporting and implementing this program within their own area.



The primary responsibilities in implementing and maintaining Duke University's unemployment benefits program are as follows:


  • Plan staffing needs and selection efficiently and stabilize staffing levels for the department.
  • Coordinate hiring of employees through the Recruitment Office as applicable.
  • Timely complete all required paperwork to assure employees that  perform services in an employee-employer relationship with Duke University are on the payroll system.
  • Coordinate all layoffs with Staff & Labor Relations.
  • Strive to build  a positive, productive, effective, and engaged team and work environment. 
  • Partner with leadership and seek counsel from appropriate experts throughout Duke University to achieve intended outcomes and work culture.
  • Maintain complete, accurate, and detailed records that document each staff member’s job performance, performance improvement plan, corrective action or coaching in accordance with the corrective action policy, and receipt of the employee handbook.  Document reasons that result in counseling, or involuntary separation from service.
  • Attend, participate, and testify in claim’s hearings of the Employment Security Commission as requested by Human Resources.
  • Promptly process termination notice and all required paperwork for each separating employee (refer to GAP 101.3, Termination Of Employees).

Human Resources

  • Coordinate all hiring, giving priority to eligible former employees who are on “priority” status (ex. layoff status).
  • Assist departmental managers and supervisors in resolving work area problems and developing positive and productive working conditions.
  • Providing competitive compensation and benefits programs.
  • Prepare the initial response to the State following a separated employee’s claim for unemployment benefits.
  • Evaluate the eligibility determination made by the State, determine whether an appeal of determination is appropriate, and initiate. Represent Duke University at hearings, determine needed witnesses, evidence to present case, and strategy.
  • Receive and evaluate claimant’s appeals, develop case to determine necessary evidence, witnesses, and strategy; represent Duke University at hearings.
  • Provide communication and support to managers and supervisors regarding unemployment rules, processes, and trends.  
  • Coordinate and review the University's unemployment program to assure  compliance with NC (and other State’s regulations as applicable), forecast and communicate budget requirement.  Prepare and submit required reports to assure payment of charges.
  • Develop and revise procedures for the administration, tracking, and reporting of program performance.

Individual Departments

  • Process Termination iForms in a timely manner.

Corporate Payroll Services

  • Provide additional payroll data relating to inquiries from the Commissioner of the Employment Security Commission or other state and federal agencies to Human Resources as requested.