GAP 200.131, Engaging and Paying Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Attorneys and Auditors

  1. General
  2. Payment For Services




It is Duke's policy that "outside resources may be engaged only after it has been determined that the services are so unique, special, temporary or highly technical that they cannot be performed economically or satisfactorily by Duke staff members within the scope of their normal responsibilities."

The following departments are responsible for establishing contracts for services covered by this procedure:

Service   Department
Architects   Facilities Management - Construction Services
Engineers   Facilities Management - Construction Services
Building   Building Contractors Facilities Management - Construction Services
Attorneys   University Counsel
Auditors   Vice President for Financial Services or
Director of Internal Audit
  • For contracts that are part of a major construction project (total project cost greater than $100,000) follow the Capital Project Procedures. The contract will be set up as a framework order.
  • Contracts for Architects, Engineers, and Building Contractors are approved by the University or Medical Center Architect and the Director of Facilities Management. Contracts over $100,000 are also approved by the Executive Vice President.

Duke has specialized contracts with providers of these services, so the Outside Services Agreement (OSA) is not used. Additionally, these services are provided by individuals or professional corporations that have historically been considered independent contractors by the Internal Revenue Service, so an Independent Contractor Checklist (ICC) is not required.

When contracting for these services, if the funding source is a restricted grant or contract (30x to 35x, 38x or 393 WBS elements), the contract must also be approved by the appropriate Pre-award Office to ensure it is an allowable cost for the grant or contract.



For contracts that are not part of a major construction project, (total project cost greater than $100,000) complete the Accounts Payable Check Request. GAP 200.136, Accounts Payable Check Request will assist you in completing the form. Attach the approved invoice. For contracts that are part of a major construction project, follow the Capital Project Procedures.