GAP 200.023, Travel Advance

  1. General
  2. Completing the Travel Advance Form
  3. Submitting the Travel Advance Form


Duke provides travel advances for students to pay for Duke related travel expenses. Duke also provides travel advances, on a limited basis, for employees who are traveling on Duke related business for an extended period to locations where the Corporate card, a Visa product, is not readily available.

The Travel Advance Form is available for download.


The Travel Advance Form is used for cash advances during business travel.

  • Enter the Date of the request and the Name of the Payee
  • Indicate the Employment/Student Status
  • For students only, indicate pick up location.
  • Date of Departure
    Enter the date the trip or event will begin.
  • Date of Return
    Enter the date the trip will end. After this date, the payee will have 30 days to complete a Travel Expense Form and reimburse the travel advance. If the advance is not cleared within this time, Employee Travel & Reimbursement will deduct any remaining portion from the payee’s next paycheck.
  • Destination
    Enter the city, state, and country if outside the U.S.A.
  • Purpose of Travel/Advance Request
    State the reason money is needed in advance of the trip.
  • If a travel advance is requested more than two weeks prior to the date of departure/event, indicate a reason for doing so, i.e. to take advantage of discounted airfares
  • Cost Object to be charged
    List the cost object to be charged for the expenditures. The cost object will not be charged until a Travel Expense Form is processed.
  • Amount Requested
    Indicate the amount being requested on the appropriate line.
  • Requestor's Signature
    The requestor (payee) must sign the certification statement. Type or print the requestor's name, Duke Unique ID, and work telephone number.
    For assistance in determining an individual’s Duke Unique ID, see
  • Approved By
    The Travel Advance must be approved and signed by the person to whom the requestor reports. The Payee or a person who reports to the Payee cannot approve the form.


After the form is completed and signed, send the original to Employee Travel & Reimbursement at Box 104144 Durham, NC 27708. Retain a copy for department records.

Travel advance requests are processed within five to seven business days.

Employees receiving payroll payments via direct deposit will receive travel advances by the same method. An e-mail notification will be sent when the deposit will be made to their bank or credit union account.

Employees receiving payroll payments via check will receive travel advances by the same method.  Checks will be available for pick up only at the University Cashier's Office located in the Smith Warehouse, 114 S. Buchanan Blvd., Bay 8, Room B103.  An email notification will be sent when the check is available for pick up.  The individual picking up the check must present a valid Duke Identification.  

Foreign Transactions and Wires
If the Travel Advance needs to be paid in a foreign currency or wired to a bank other than a direct deposit:

  • Indicate the foreign currency to be used, amount to be paid in the foreign currency (example: 400 British pounds) or amount in US dollars to be converted to the foreign currency (example: convert $20,000 to British pounds).
  • If wiring funds, include: bank name & address, payee's name & account number, details to be provided to beneficiary and bank codes. A fee is charged to the department requesting the wire transfer.